HI! I'm Connie McNiel ...owner and photographer of Ayana3 Photography. I specialize in real estate, headshots, events, & family photography. I have a confession to make... I’m addicted to photography! Whether it's taking photos or editing's my unequivocal passion. We all have God-given talents, and many people have told me photography is one of mine. Let me begin by explaining the name I chose for my photography business. I wanted something unique, and from the first time I learned of the name Ayana (pronounced eye-on-uh), I instantly loved it! It's a native-American name that means 'blessed'. My respect, love, and connection with Native American history and culture runs deep. There was already an Ayana to be different, I added the 3...which is for my 3 children. So there you have it. : )

I'm a California native...born and raised, but the beautiful and scenic southeast has been my home now for almost forty years. I'm a city girl, but I love the country. Considering my roots are from the south, It's a perfect fit for me. I am happily married to the love of my life, Matthew. *Ephesians 5:22-33 *Song of Solomon 3:4  Galatians 2:20. I have been completely blessed with three amazing & beautiful children...a son and two daughters; and eight  precious grandchildren...six girls and two boys. WAIT...NEW ARRIVAL COMING IN JULY, 2022!!! EXPECTING GRANDCHILD  #9 ... IT'S A GIRL!!! #blessed    

These are a few of MY FAVORITE THINGS ( including the song itself sung by the one and only Julie Andrews, as sung in the movie 'The Sound of Music'...& was written in my birth year  ;). Want to hear the song?: : Traveling with my husband to the mountains and hiking to breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls and rivers. This is our sanctuary and happy place, and where we feel 'at home'.     English Bulldogs ( IF you are with me OR see me in public and I SEE an English Bulldog...use extreme caution... because I will literally clear a path through whatever is in my way to get to it and pet, hug, kiss and talk really gooey to it), classic cars (Mustangs are my fav!), interior design, horses, sloths, fishing, movies, scrapbooking, reading and writing,  &  chocolate-covered strawberries. 

"It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks's another thing to make a portrait of who they are".

During my first year of high school I took a photography course. The first photo I developed was from a cardboard pinhole camera ( also known as a 'camera obscura' ...meaning dark room) we made in class. I was fascinated with what I had created... an actual photo from a small cardboard box that I made. From there I was hooked. One of the first cameras I used was an old 110 with the disposable flash bar that belonged to my father. I remember him taking many pictures with it during my childhood. I still have the camera today, and with it the memory of my father who passed away in 1982.

"My photography is defined by my passion, vision, and inspiration".

I believe the way to truly master the art of photography is by shooting photos...a LOT!  AND by engaging your subjects. Great photos aren't derived from the best equipment...but from great vision and focus. My experience has led me to understand the complexity of photography...but also the sheer beauty of it. The beauty of capturing life in a photographic image from a moment in time,  producing a memory preserved for a lifetime that could've otherwise been lost forever. This is where I am most content...when I can 'capture' that precious 'life' moment in a photograph. My purpose is to serve you and give you beautiful photographs. I want you to have a fun, relaxing, and memorable experience. I also believe in casual conversation during a session because it's the best way I know to make you feel comfortable and allow us to get to know each other... to basically get a little 'up-close' (pun-intended) and personal. I LOVE shooting interior designs, architecture, and landscapes! I started gaining an interest in real estate photography in 2016. After seeing many poor quality real estate photos, I developed a passion for creating better, high-quality photos. I realized the importance of what interior and exterior real estate photographs can do, or not do, for the overall appearance and curb appeal of a home on the market. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my images. I spend an ample amount of time on editing. So rest assured... your images are always edited with much love and attention to detail.

"Get to the heart of your art". 

I was led in a direction dear to my heart in 2012. I got involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2000 as a 'wish granter' volunteer. I continued giving to these brave and precious children and their families by sharing my gift of photography with them thru the Make-A-Wish Foundation of East Tennessee. Each beautiful child I've photographed occupies a permanent place in my heart. It is truly a blessing to know I have given 'Stories' to parents through photographs of their beautiful children they can cherish forever.  For those who have earned their angel is priceless. Each angel occupies a permanent and special place in my heart.

Want to SHARE THE POWER of a WISH? Please consider a gift to this amazing organization and help give HOPE to a precious child with a life-threatening illness:

PROFILE PIC 2019 - 2

The old 'vintage' 110. If you remember're getting old[er] like me. LOL!